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Dental Implants

Are you looking for the most lifelike solution for missing teeth? Take a moment to consider dental implants.

Implants not only restore your smile, but are also the only treatment that can prevent bone loss in the jaw.

Bay View Dental in Clairemont, CA, can bring back your smile with natural-looking implants that you can enjoy for years.

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What Are Dental Implants?

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Dental implants are the most advanced method for replacing missing teeth. The implant itself is a small, titanium post that is inserted into the jaw. As bone grows around the post, it fuses with the jaw and creates an incredibly stable foundation for any number of restorations: a single tooth, a row of teeth, or even an entire denture. They are the closest thing to having your natural teeth back.

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It takes an emotional toll to constantly accommodate missing teeth. You're always on guard when people start snapping pictures. You choose food carefully when dining in public.

Even smiling is a calculated step.

Dr. Shelton and Dr. March at Bay View Dental in Clairemont has the experience and advanced technology to restore your bite and deliver an attractive, complete smile that you'll be happy to share. We'll listen without judging and make you feel comfortable so that you can take the next step to improving your oral health.

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"An Absolute Pleasure"


Nicole Coghlan


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It was an absolute pleasure going to this dental office this morning- i don’t think I’ve ever said that about a dentist visit. Everyone was SO kind and friendly, cleaning was gentle & thorough, Dr. Emerson gave understandable explanations & explained the reasoning for his recommendations, and they clearly outlined pricing for recommended future procedures. All in all great!

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Roger Necochea


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New customer. The welcoming of all the staff was very warm and a family member being welcomed back. Dr. Mark spent a few minutes getting to know me personally and I was much impressed with his philosophy "do dental work only if needed but give the patient all information." I actually look forward to going again.

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Why Dental Implants Are the Preferred Solution Getting to the Root of the Matter

Alternative methods for replacing missing teeth often fall short when compared to dental implants. Dental bridges, partial dentures, and traditional dentures all supply a set of teeth, but none of them include the essential element that makes an implant-supported solution unique: the tooth root.

Day in and day out, the root translates the chewing action in your mouth into signals to the bone to regenerate. Without a dental implant, the signals are lost and the jaw begins to deteriorate. When many teeth are missing, the jawbone can recede, leaving excess skin and wrinkles in its wake while making you look years older.

Diagram of natural tooth and root

"Kind, Professional, and Patient"


Brenda Nelson


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Dr. Emerson and his staff are amazing! Our family has been going to him for decades and highly recommend Bay View Dental to everyone! We love the professional care and meticulous attention to every detail in our dental service, with a smile:)

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Stacey Ross


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Many dental issues over the years. Anxious when I walk into a dental office. Dr Emerson and his staff are kind, professional and patient. I feel comfortable that recommendations are honest and in my best interest. Treatments have been comfortable and stress free. Top notch service! Thank you!

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See How Dental Implants Are Placed ...

A major benefit of dental implants is that they stand on their own. That's a boon because nearby teeth don't need to be altered to support the replacement teeth, a step that could lead to future complications. Dentures, which simply rest on gums, actually accelerate bone loss. As the jawbone shrinks, dentures need to be relined or replaced for a proper fit.

Treatment Timeline

A dental implant procedure typically takes several months, but most of that time is spent simply going about your life and waiting for the dental implant to fuse with your jawbone. While each case is unique, in general, most treatment timelines adhere to the same steps:
Our dental implants can  help you rediscover your smile.
Our dental implants can  help you rediscover your smile.


Dr. Shelton will review your medical history and examine your mouth, mapping out the structures with advanced scanning devices, such as a 3-D cone-beam CT scanner. This helps him determine bone density and identify proper implant positions. If dental implants are determined to be a good solution, our dentist will coordinate with a team of surgeons in the building to plan the implant process.

Preparatory Procedures

Before implant surgery, any needed preparatory procedures will need to be performed. This may include bone grafts, treatment for periodontal disease, or tooth extraction.

Implant Placement

A titanium implant will be placed into the jawbone at this point. For precise placement, the surgeons we coordinate with will use surgical guides that direct the implant into the correct position. Depending on the situation, a temporary restoration may be provided so you won't have to go around with gaps in your smile.


The titanium implant typically takes from three to six months to fuse with the bone and create a solid foundation for the restoration.

Placing the Abutment

Abutments, which connect the implant to the restoration, are typically attached after osseointegration. Abutment placement is a minor surgery that usually requires just a couple of weeks of healing before the next step.


Dr. Shelton will scan the treatment area so she can create a 3-D image of your mouth and design your restoration. The dentist can mill a single-crown restoration while you wait but more complicated restorations will be sent to a trusted outside lab for fabrication.

Placing the Restoration

Once your restoration is complete, Dr. Shelton will test it for a comfortable fit. He will also assess your bite, to ensure the restoration meshes nicely with other teeth in your mouth. Once both you and the dentist are satisfied, he will attach the restoration to the implant.


Dr. Megan Shelton

Bay View Dental

At Bay View Dental in the Clairemont neighborhood of San Diego, CA, Megan Shelton, DMD, Peter March, DDS and their team provide compassionate, dedicated, patient-centric care. Dr. Shelton is an accomplished dentist affiliated with:

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